Why Train?

Every athlete has a competitive drive that pushes them to new heights and limits. What many athletes don't have is the proper training program to set them apart from the crowd so they can make it to the next level. A vast majority of athletes play competitive sports up until college but never make it to the next level, on college scholarships or as walk-ons, because they don't have a comprehensive sports performance training program to prepare them for the competition. In collegiate sports, performance training programs are now considered an integral part of athlete preparation and are now being implemented into sports programs by most colleges.

Sports performance training is designed to improve fitness levels for the purpose of improving the ability to perform in a sport, no matter the sport. Strength training, conditioning, sport-specific techniques and drills, and consistent accountability and monitoring by a qualified trainer are all key components to the foundation of a performance training program for each athlete to improve performance and gain an edge.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be utilizing Alex as a sports performance coach:


    Coach's Performance Training Programs are sport-specific training plans that are designed to maximize the athlete’s results to help them on and off the field.


    Coach will help you execute your sports performance plan by keeping you on track and motivated so you can meet your specific goals.


    It’s not enough to provide results… serious athletes need the right results. Each athlete has different training needs specific to their position and sport. Coach provides performance training programs that are designed for each athlete’s specific needs.


    Coach knows that serious athletes don’t have months or even weeks to wait for performance improvements. Athletes need results now to meet the demands of the competition. With Alex as your trainer, you will begin to see (and feel) positive results from your first session.


    Coach's Performance Training Programs combine strength and speed training using free weights, machines, stadium steps, band walls, body weight, and dumbbells to create unmatched workouts. Coach has been highly trained in the fitness principles, techniques and performance-enhancement regimens that have produced positive results for professional, amateur and student-athletes in every major sport and athletic endeavor. Coach is knowledgeable, upbeat, and passionate about pushing athletes to succeed and achieve the best results. Success is an ongoing process, and all of Coach's training regimens are modified and fine-tuned to keep producing optimal results. With Alex, you’ll have a hands-on coach who tracks performance, adapts the training regimen to continually optimize results, and provides ongoing guidance and encouragement.

Alex specializes in training for soccer, basketball, football, softball, baseball, volleyball and track but has the confidence to develop a plan to help any given athlete. Can you really afford to wait to start achieving optimal performance? Get started today!